Introducing Grenades to the field.

New Zealand's Premier Indoor

Paintball Field

Our field is unique, situated in historic commercial space, right in the heart of Willis St! Come play paintball where you have always wanted to but were too soft because you didn't want to get fired!

Do you have an event in Wellington and want to spice it up, surprise your colleagues when you take them to the heart of Wellington business to play paintball!

With our newly expanded field we can cater to groups of 60.


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A Corporation's  Corporation

Corporate functions and  team building?
With our location you can just pop down in your lunch break and teach your staff what a sales target really is! After which go down and enjoy the many stunning bars in walking distance of our establishment.  Click here to find out more about our corporate team building.



Business Class Equipment

We offer you two different styles of guns that both excel at offering you a great game of paintball.

We can say for a fact that we are the only paintball field with an upgrade package as good as ours. If you can shoot it, our Proto Rail will shoot 12 rounds a second! Not only that but we cap it off with Dye Rotors, the worlds best loaders to date to keep your rounds flowing.

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New Zealand's most convenient location

Actually its not very convenient for Aucklanders or anyone outside of Wellington. But for you in Wellington, it is. No more of your friends will pull out of games because of the effort just to get to a field.

Not only that but we offer you overalls for free just for showing up unlike other fields that charge as much as $10 for overall rental. 

So with a convenient location what are you waiting for, make a booking here

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